Homeopathy – a 12 hours miracle.
Aurthor: Annica Englund

Monika Sward, Homeopath and Sweet Medicine apprentice on alternative treatment, homeopathic remedies and energy medicine.

The word homeopathy derives from the Greek word homoiopatheia which means “sympathy” and “similarity in condition”. Homeopathy is a healthcare system developed and introduced by the German physician Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s. Discouraged by the medicine of his day, and distraught at the near demise of his daughter under the care of a conventional physician, Hahnemann left the practice of allopathic traditional medicine to write and translate books. In entertaining the question of what a viable system of medicine would involve, he came back to the historical references to cure by similars in Hippocratic writings. From his own experiments with Chinchona bark (from a Peruvian tree, the source of Quinine), he convinced himself that Chinchona’s effectiveness in treating some cases of malaria resulted from its ability to create a similar disease to which the body could respond, with a resulting healing response to both the medicine-induced condition and the malaria.

Hahnemann went on to apply this principal of cure by similars to other conditions, using many other remedies, and came to observe it as a universal law of cure; he coined the expression ”Similia Similibus Curentur” (”Let likes cure a like”) as the cornerstone and  fundamental concept of homeopathic philosophy.

Hahnemann‘s quite revolutionary healing method is based on four cardinal principles; similars cure similiars, the single remedy, the minimal dose, and the potentized remedy. One of his theories states that all humans are born with more or less chronic diseases; diseases that are latent in our genes, our DNA, more or less what we today would call genetic inheritance, and consider a part of our hereditary characteristics. Though, by the time Hahnemann discovered this, which is quite remarkable, medical science had no concept about DNA or genes. His work and research gained a large interest and the method has continually grown ever since. Homeopathy is today more or less known and accepted by many parts of the public as an alternative treatment method for various medical conditions and illnesses.

Until this day, no modern scientific studies has been performed on the effects or benefits of homeopathic treatments, and what does homeopathy have to do with healing in the Sweet Medicine tradition and energy medicine? Well, I have met and talked to Monika Swaerd, Homeopath and CAM in Stockholm, Sweden and she explained her insight on what homeopathy and energy medicine really is for her. Monica is in the 4Th gateway and apprenticed to Åsa Starsnake Kullberg at the Rainbow Dragon Lodge in Sweden.

Monika had for many years worked in the US in various restaurants when she one day suddenly thought to herself. “Why on earth am I serving alcoholic beverages to people with alcohol problems?” That thought haunted her and she gave up her career almost instantly and moved back to Sweden in search of another alternative career path.

Eventually, investigating and assessing her personal strengths and weaknesses she made up her mind to become a physician. Parallel to her medical studies she worked in a psychiatric ward at a hospital and discovered that the way people were treated in traditional health care systems could not even in the most extenuating circumstances be called curing, but merely a sedating of the patients so that they would not feel pain or seem sick. According to Monika the symptoms disappeared but the illness or disease remained. After a row of circumstances she found herself at an ashram in India and realized after meditating for many days that real curing is really about breaking habits and restructuring destructive patterns. Back in Stockholm she enrolled at the School of Natural Remedies for 4,5 years of studies to become a homeopath.

Monika has throughout the course of her life engaged in many different forms of personal development and has looked into many different paths of spirituality. She was for example one of the founders of the Swedish Asatru Society, an association that gathers, informs of and administers knowledge from the Nordic spiritual culture inheritance. Among many things she is also a sharp businesswoman running her own clinic in the heart of Stockholm.

To her clinic, people of all colours, races, ages and creeds comes for treatment and she functions almost like a general practitioner in a sense. Patients who find that they have not found a cure in the traditional health care system turn to her for help. All physical, emotional and mental conditions can be treated according to Monika, and sometimes you don’t even need any physical symptoms to benefit from a homeopathic treatment.  The medicines that are generally used in homeopathy are so-called potentized remedies. This means that a substance from the animal, plant or mineral world is mixed with alcohol or lactose and diluted hundreds or sometimes even thousands of times in endless iterations. The end result is a small bottle or a pill that contains mostly diluted alcohol or distilled water, but also the core energy of the substance it was originally mixed with. This is why homeopathy and shamanic healing have many things in common, as homeopathy in this way really is energy medicine.

Monika tells me that there are virtually no diseases that cannot be cured with homeopathic treatment. The remedies are even used in preventive health care of the patient. It is all about breaking patterns that does not work for you anymore, and about changing behaviours – the homeopathic remedies assist the individual in doing so and works on a subtle energetic level to aid the patient around the clock, or as long as the remedies are taken. Sometimes it is enough with only one treatment, and once in a while a patient needs to be treated for a longer period depending if the disease is chronic or not. Monika explains that the way homeopathy works on an energy level all really comes down to balancing your Shields and become that Balanced Five.

As we speak of her path with heart and her choice of spiritual development she says that after several years in the Medicine she still finds new and interesting topics, wheels and keys to study and practice. She also explains that according to her experience there are no “glitches” in the Sweet Medicine “manuscript” as there can be in other spiritual traditions she studied, and the vast knowledge and ceremonial context of Sweet Medicine spreads into all areas of human life experience, as well as to her medical profession. The Medicine teaches her about her profession as homeopath and vice versa, she says. Being a healer, in the true sense of the word, she discovered that the Healing Paradigm of the Sweet Medicine teachings is where she really shines, and this is her gift to the world.

When Monika was dancing her fourth Sun Dance a couple of years back, she had a strong Vision of the Great Spirit telling her to start educating people in the way homeopathy works, so that a small percentage of the overall population would understand and accept the energy law in the method. In this way she will help to assist and fulfil the Gold Horse Prophesies in her own unique way, and the world will, each day in the making become a little more beautiful.