Feel free to copy or print this walkthrough for personal use. SAVING, CHECKPOINTS & TECH SUPPORT: This game incorporates autosave checkpoints. Recommended. postemail8809+=String.fromCharCode(emailarray8809[i]) Otherwise, just plan to return later. Shoot 2 or 3 climbing arrows into the wall now. As Lara approaches the end of the long zip line, briefly press B/C/Circle to let go of the line and grab the line below. Copyright © 2015 - var curDate=new Date(); document.write(curDate.getFullYear()) Stellalune ( Inside the copper mill building, go to the first level. (screenshots), If you missed the survival cache (5/21) buried behind the SUPPLY SHACK earlier, it will also be marked on your map now. Next Walkthrough Alone Again Regroup with Jacob Prev Walkthrough Alone Again Reach the copper mill After you get to the grounds of the mill, climb up the yellow ladder, onto the first railway car. By the time you reach the path leading up to the RESEARCH BASE, it's possible to have 100% completion for the Soviet Installation. After you get onto the roof, jump over onto the next one. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot in the pause menu at least once per level. Comments; ... On a small ridge on the path to the Copper Mill. This walkthrough covers the Copper Mill Bridge area, which you can only access after completing the Flooded Archives, as well as the previously inaccessible area north of the Supply Shack. ). For Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Copper mill access problem". - For Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, MacOS & Linux, restoring a backup save in the Xbox version, rebuilding the game cache in the PC version, Official Rise of the Tomb Raider Support Forum, Geothermal Valley Third Visit walkthrough. If you don't yet have the Zipper Achievement, this a good place for it. Relics: none (18)  Documents: 2 (26)  Murals: 1 (12)  Coin Caches: none (9)  Survival Caches: 3 (21)  Strongboxes: 2 (14) When you target the soft wood surface on the side of the building, climbing arrows are automatically selected, just like rope arrows are selected when you target rope coils. Post Comment. NOTE: At this point it's possible to have 100% completion for the Soviet Installation. If you need help right away, I recommend the Lara Croft Online forums (laracroftonline.net), the Square Enix Tomb Raider Forum or any of the other message boards listed at tombraiders.net/stella/community.html. If you're missing anything, check the main level map and the Soviet Installation Collectibles Guide. You simply need to walk around the grate on … Drop back down to the floor. 0. When you're ready to move on with the story, fast travel back to the Communications Tower Base Camp near the Supply Shack and proceed from here. It is Separated from the Radio Calls series. I know exactly the part you're talking about. 282. Rise of the Tomb Raider is a follow up to 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot and as a continuation of the story, players will once again enter the well-tread boots of Lara Croft. Grenade arrows are given later in the game, however that cave can be open if you find a red gas can around the copper mill. AREA 5G: COPPER MILL BRIDGE, Camps: Copper Mill Bridge Just jump over to the location on the map below and the Ice Ship will be hanging from the wall directly in front of you. If not, I apologize and invite you to contact me with any questions. As always, I welcome your corrections/suggestions. In an extended cinematic sequence, Lara reunites with Jonah and discovers the location of the entrance to the Lost City, only to see Jonah and the Atlas captured by Trinity. Check the level menu for the others. You can also do a little shopping in the SUPPLY SHACK. If this site was useful, please consider supporting it financially or in other ways. (screenshots), When you're ready to move on from this area, slide down the zip line to the wooden platform below. Return down the hill to where you found the last document, drop onto the small snowy ledge below on the left, and dig up the next cache. For Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Xbox One, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "help at the lumber mill, soviet installation". RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER: Copper Mill - The Red Mine Challenge Tomb Entrance Copper Mill - Red Mine Challenge Tomb (Part 1) In the part of the Copper Mill where you first learn to craft molotov cocktails, there's a side room with a strongbox. (screenshots), Continue up the path to discover an Explorer Satchel (6/6) lying near a dead body. If you rest here, you'll unlock a camp journal. This is also a good opportunity to revisit earlier levels now that you have the gear you need to obtain every collectible and beat every challenge—explosives, fire arrows, climbing arrows, rebreather. Load Comments. So I cannot progress past this to reach the other side. 4. OBJECTIVE: Find Sofia's Strongbox of Gear, The strongbox (13/14) Sofia mentioned is sitting near the campfire. * **********************************************/ In the dream she promises to vindicate him in the eyes of the world. While in the Copper Mill Yard, you'll get the notification about a nearby tomb. RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER: Copper Mill - More Collectibles Detailed walkthrough for Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, and Linux. 10/11/16 - Added PS4 controls. There is an optional path — … NOTE: The Soviet Installation is a HUGE area, so I have divided the walkthrough into several sections centered on the main base camps. Here you'll find a document (26/26), Contact from the Radio Calls series, and a strongbox (14/14) containing a HEAVY PISTOL PART (4/4). The achievement should then unlock. All rights reserved. Recommended Posts. ... Near the base of the Copper Mine complex, just a little ways in past the camp, is a cave you can't enter due to a heavy barrier you need explosives to open. Over the next … Then move into the corner next to the building to find an Archivist Map (9/9). for (i=0;i

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