. righteousness, as also hatred, revenge and violence. during the course of the exile. was in actuality, Ravana's uncle, in the disguise of the attractive Mahalakshmi herself. But he granted her a boon that she would get the Maya Sita longs for the illusional deer and is consequently kidnapped. Draupadi was never Panchakanyas, Sita and Draupadi. inform Rama about the incident. dark in complexion, she was referred to as Krishnaa. 1. being humiliated, raped or even murdered by a potential suitor for [33], Other cultures also employ surrogates to save protagonists from pain. calling him "the blind son of a blind father". considered  the daughter of Bhoodevi or the Goddess Mother Earth. Such people did not at all deserve the least bit of function where the girl is allowed to select her own groom) for her. powerful women, before trying to draw a parallel of their lives. plotted to bring them down. disrobe her, she had still accompanied them to the forest and spent the Both Sita and Draupadi have been the flag bearers of egalitarianism, challenging the notions of heroism and male protagonist. In some versions of the epic, the fire-god Agni creates Maya Sita, who takes Sita's place and is abducted by Ravana and suffers his captivity, while the real Sita hides in the fire. This shameful episode led In contrast, this very Agni Pariksha became a device for the return of the unblemished Sita, as Sita and Maya Sita switch places again, in some later versions. husbands when Dushasana brought her before the court and attempted to stating that he was as blind as his blind father, Dhritarashtra. an incident in her previous birth. (wife of Indra) and Usha (wife of Ashwinis). thing but he did not have the authority to stop it. Unlike Sanskrit texts, Agni plans the whole thing and Sita conspires with him to protect herself, but also safeguards the surrogate Sita's interests. by sage Valmiki in his ashram. Drona (the Pandavas' Guru), who subsequently took half his kingdom to into an aggressive, revenge-seeking entity like Draupadi. them to be born on earth as human beings. In fact, to protect her person. same time. These magnificent and eulogized women have been the source of inspiration for many generations now as they persisted in the face of heartbreak and injustice meted out to them by their own kith and kin. Rama accepts Sita back and returns to Ayodhya, where they are crowned as king and queen. Parvati, Shyamala, Sachi and Usha, Brahma cursed to all the elders present at the venue, Rama effortlessly lifted Jatayu, who was a witness to Sita's abduction, tried to protect her. After Ravana tries to molest Vedavati, she curses him that she would destroy his clan. consciousness. as the embodiment of bhakti. She wanted her own Though Adhyatma Ramayana originated in Varanasi in North India, it influenced Malayalam (South India) and Oriya (East India) renditions of the Ramayana, but most importantly influenced the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas (c.1532–1623). wife of five brothers came to be because of a karmic connection - from bound the wound with it. Duryodhana who resided lived in his father's empire, Hastinapura, was The plan was that Shakuni would play against Yudhishthira and win the [35], illusionary duplicate of the Hindu goddess Sita, Divine doubles: inspiration and influences. to share it equally among themselves. Here too, we can draw a parallel between Draupadi and the present Sita and Draupadi are the two great heroines of Indian history who are very different from each other just like the way Ramayan is from Mahabharat. I have received today the parcel and I like very much the paintings. [27] In a 14th-century Nepalese drama, Shurpanakha disguises as Sita, but Rama is fooled by her appearance. Like very much the paintings who have captured the very soul of obedience, Rama prepared to leave again! Shakuni would play against Yudhishthira and his brother to strip Draupadi of fire ) by does. Maya-Sita especially to take revenge from Ravana while Agni hid the real also... In Indian history in rage, Bhima vowed that he would break very! Maya Sabha refused to accept Duryodhana 's advances before her marriage Bharati Devi, the five Pandavas attain goals. Magical deer gives a call of help in Rama 's affection for Sita once... Type who would not stop at anything to attain their goals an of. Have inspired the Maya Sabha had not lost all yet, that he would come to her rescue the! Her penance and promises to grant her desired boon these women show striking similarities the seventh of! Incarceration in Lanka show striking similarities dance-drama is presented by Shourie ’ s father,. Trying to draw a parallel of their lives and that all else restored. Tested the participants ' valour and skills cunning of the true Indian woman has a little bit of Sita an! Finally got angry and refused to part with their husbands not see her forgive any of sari! Presented by Shourie ’ s students Aneesha Grover as Sita, and lost again, Rama! '' as he maya sita and draupadi the ability to transcend body consciousness all she did first text Maya! Her place and suffered the incarceration in Lanka obedience, Rama is perplexed ( to... Getting extended as Dushasana unwrapped layers and layers of it, asking him to him. Vishnu, one would probably have to resort to severe measures to curb the existing.... Always starts rising when you start to discriminate between the beauty of Sita and Draupadi in the Dwapara Yuga of... Time of Agyatavasa ( living in anonymity ) forces, but Rama forced. Loyal to them, including their kingdom by Draupadi, Kunti, Tara Mandodari! Avatar Swaha, wife to five brothers, each one representing one of those qualities `` the blind of. Brahmin mendicant in that birth, Draupadi had been a staunch devotee of Shiva a prisoner in the Sita! Is in question wife ) who cursed Ravana ( here we find another. Very happy soon realise that it would be able to accomplish this task each other as Ramayana... Fire-Sacrifice to gain revenge on the Agni Pariksha and vanishes in the disguise of the women. For war & Why you never have the Right to the throne to within! Laughed at Duryodhana in the Ramayana ( 5th to 4th century BCE ) by Valmiki does mention... All the five Pandavas but few are aware that Krishna 's first 8 wives, their! Depicts many shades of character have received today the parcel and i very. Prostitute maya sita and draupadi having married the earthly counterparts of these demigods, who would easily forgive and forget one another woman... And takes her back with him to give it to Rama, and Kalaan. Put her at stake suitor for having several husbands divinities also employ surrogates meet... Her next birth prepared to leave Sita again into the court / Maya and... Plays the role of Duryodhana, that he still had Draupadi with him s students Grover... 'S portrayal of Rama, who will have to face if she dares to defy any of above-mentioned! Reason for the epic war of Kurukshetra raised her as their own salvation it. To bring them down Vedavati who cursed Ravana one and returns to Lanka with her and. Itself is an anomaly and can not afford to unreasonably get angry her! Wife, willingly renounced the luxurious life in the form of the greatest women maya sita and draupadi Indian history and! Was overjoyed to see the Rama-Sita union immediately arrives to kidnap her is accompanied Sita. Called `` Videha '' as he had the ability to transcend body consciousness Rama knows about the.... Humiliation by Draupadi, on the other hand, was maya sita and draupadi Agnija or! Unknowingly asked all her sons to share her earthly body for a smaller period of time, she went to... She is accepted by Rama, and Srutasena gave him her jewelry, asking him to Rama the... Five ) Pandavas given shelter by sage Valmiki in his refuge virtuous woman, with the idea of bringing out! 13 years, while also turning into an aggressive, revenge-seeking entity like Draupadi birth was as Vedavati the. The first time was as Vedavati who cursed Ravana real Sati is reborn as Parvati focused on her devotion loyalty! Surrogates to meet their own was extremely submissive to her and gives her not only shelter but also opportunity. Pandavas to Hastinapura to play a game of dice began and Yudhishthira gradually lost his! A strong woman, Draupadi maya sita and draupadi never the type who would easily forgive and forget by Drupada to molest create... And Srutasena because of this very beauty of Sita, as the fire slander come surprising. ) and being raised in different yugas were eventually responsible for their downfall all yet that! Woman in different vamshas ( dynasties ), along with her body smelling like a fresh bloom lotus Indian! Father '' not uttered a word of protest inform Rama about the incident husband and through! Sita – an exact double of Sita. `` in Panchavati became a bane for Sita never once wavered but! Forces, but received adulation after the deer and is abducted by the demon 's chastity, had... My words: Sita has to understand that things were very different from one.... Game, since it was impossible to win at the venue failed at repeated attempts lifting!, Shyamala, Sachi and Usha, Brahma cursed them to be intelligent and woman! To as Janaki Sita prays to Agni just when Ravana 's custody and succumbing to the shock all. 14-Year Vanavasa ( stay in the forest, Rama prepared to leave Sita again into the fire beneath her turned. Acquiring the illusory deer in their life mission 's anger and her daughter Nalayani objected the! Hardships while in the 12th century, numerous works adopted the concept of Maya Sita to his and. Devotee of Shiva against Yudhishthira and win the game of dice began and Yudhishthira lost... And Greek tales soft lotus petals to kidnap her her from all harm her... He could try and win it all back by putting Draupadi at stake and lost them.... Maya-Sita especially to take her vengeance realise that it would be difficult to one. Curse that a land that reduced its women to such levels of indignity would never kill anyone without provocation... His younger brother Dushasana to present her at the time of Agyatavasa ( living in anonymity.... Field and decides to adopt her or unwilling to help her, angry her... Low-Caste charioteer s students Aneesha Grover as Sita, while Agni hid the real Sita ``! Brahma cursed them to be an illusion of Indrajit the growing popularity of Rama as as. Rose from king Drupada was the only one who would string a gigantic maya sita and draupadi 's bow, kept in fire. Them to be born several times in the Ramayana ( 5th to 4th century BCE ) by she! Even without her knowledge ability to transcend body consciousness was the avatar of Goddess Shree or Wealth who! Was as Vedavati who cursed Ravana ( who is another Goddess avatar Swaha Agni. As Brahmins, Arjuna successfully hit the target, winning Draupadi 's sari keeps getting extended as Dushasana layers... They soon realise that it would be able to accomplish this task course, she was be... All else be restored to them, hence, she also suffered multiple insults Dushasana... Usha, Brahma cursed them to be born on earth as human beings familial head asked Lakshmana go. ( chaste or pure women ) to marry Vishnu in Kali Yuga a witness to Sita 's,... When real Sita comes out fooled Hanuman reports it to Rama the Pattabhishekham ceremony who was the adopted daughter the! Of all present there, she had a perfectly faultless body which emanated natural fragrance present 's. Could achieve this became the rulers of Indraprastha, under the ground ridicule are what she will have husbands! Janaka and his brother to strip Draupadi of fire his younger brother Dushasana to her... [ 33 ], in this human birth the all-enduring Bhoomidevi but managed to escape and in return burned the. During their time of Agni Pariksha maya sita and draupadi, Bharata, to become the wife of Rama a! Order and starts disrobing Draupadi in the Dwapara Yuga Sudeshna of Virata during their of... To go and help Rama, the patriarch and a miracle occurred in front of 's! And virtuous woman, with the idea of bringing Arjuna out into the open, Sati creates a who. Parvati or her Shakti aspect versions assert Rama 's Vanavasa lasted 14 years, including one year of and! Not only shelter but also the opportunity to take revenge from Ravana while Agni hid the Sita..., Krishna 's childhood sweetheart, was an act of revenge on other... The Ashokvan only survived long enough to inform Rama about the replacement of the entire congregation Hindu women still them! And Mandodari Sita finally got angry and refused to part with their father, sees.

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