The received text of the Zhou yi contains all 64 possible hexagrams, along with the hexagram's name (卦名 guàmíng), a short hexagram statement (彖 tuàn),[note 2] and six line statements (爻辭 yáocí). Gregory Whincup's 1986 translation also attempts to reconstruct Zhou period readings. Conditional screening for ultra-high dimensional covariates with survival outcomes Lifetime data analysis 24(1): 45-71. View Li Yi Cheng’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Choosing the 3rd-century Zhouyi zhu as the official commentary, he added to it a sub commentary drawing out the subtler levels of Wang Bi's explanations. Join Facebook to connect with Li Hong Yi and others you may know. Actor. The Kangxi Emperor was especially fond of the I Ching and ordered new interpretations of it. [1][2] In 2016, he featured in the hit Chinese television drama, Noble Aspirations, which helped him garnered increased popularity in China. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Yi’s … Cheng Yi - 成毅 . Links. Actor. Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a … Actor. [53] In East Asia, it is a foundational text for the Confucian and Daoist philosophical traditions, while in the West, it attracted the attention of Enlightenment intellectuals and prominent literary and cultural figures. [49], In the canonical I Ching, the hexagrams are arranged in an order dubbed the King Wen sequence after King Wen of Zhou, who founded the Zhou dynasty and supposedly reformed the method of interpretation. [18] The line statements, which make up most of the book, are exceedingly cryptic. Growing up, the brothers moved quite often as their father, Cheng Xiang, was appointed as a local official in various places. Chengyi 成毅 - Myanmar Qiyiguo. Biography. Beloved Devil Li Hong Yi 李宏毅. [40] The other Wings provide different perspectives on essentially the same viewpoint, giving ancient, cosmic authority to the I Ching. It is a principle that accounts for both the existence of nature and morality. Gao, Yi Sheng Gao Style Bagua Gao, Yi Sheng, courtesy name De Yuan, (1866~1951), was born in Shandong Wuli county, Dashan village, Dazhuangzi (?). Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan Replicate Kiss from Love and Redemption on Livestream August 17, 2020 Chase Shê Love and Redemption might be one of dramaland’s new-ish kids on the block, but that’s not stopping the show’s main couple, Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan from stealing viewer’s hearts with their sweet feels. See more ideas about cheng, eternal love drama, drama. The I Ching is used in a type of divination called cleromancy, which uses apparently random numbers. [23] In the hexagrams, broken lines were used as shorthand for the numbers 6 (六) and 8 (八), and solid lines were shorthand for values of 7 (七) and 9 (九). He described the text as a way to for ministers to form honest political factions, root out corruption, and solve problems in government.[62]. [37] Regardless of their historical relation to the text, the philosophical depth of the Ten Wings made the I Ching a perfect fit to Han period Confucian scholarship. [36] The specific origins of the Ten Wings are still a complete mystery to academics. Yi Cheng was born on May 17, 1990 in Huaihua, Hunan, China. The interpretation of the readings found in the I Ching is a matter which has been endlessly discussed and debated over in the centuries following its compilation, and many commentators have used the book symbolically, often to provide guidance for moral decision making as informed by Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism. In 2016, he featured in the hit Chinese television drama, Noble Aspirations, which helped him garnered increased popularity in China. View Yi Yi Debby Cheng's business profile as Project Manager at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. [28], The most common form of divination with the I Ching in use today is a reconstruction of the method described in these histories, in the 300 BC Great Commentary, and later in the Huainanzi and the Lunheng. Hongyi Li's 4 research works with 3 citations and 119 reads, including: EFFECTS OF FREE TRADE ZONE POLICY ON CHINA’S INCOME DISPARITY Zhu Xi's reconstruction of I Ching yarrow stalk divination, based in part on the Great Commentary account, became the standard form and is still in use today. Li Hong Yi. Yi Cheng, Actor: Jian wang chao. [55] The New Text scholars distributed alternate versions of the text and freely integrated non-canonical commentaries into their work, as well as propagating alternate systems of divination such as the Taixuanjing. Hwang accused the Neo-Confucian school of having misread Zhu Xi. This entry was posted in Entertainment News and tagged Author: Qi Wei, Cdrama, Cheng Yi, Li Xin Ze, Novel Adaptations, Olivia Yan Xiao, South Wind Knows My Mood (南风知我意), Zhang Yu Xi by Kappy. Only the hexagrams and line statements are used. He described the text as a way to for ministers to form honest political factions, root out corruption, and solve problems in government. [85] The most influential I Ching translation was the 1923 German translation of Richard Wilhelm, which was translated into English in 1950 by Cary Baynes. [7] Feng Youlan proposed that the word for "changes" originally meant "easy", as in a form of divination easier than the oracle bones, but there is little evidence for this. [note 3] The statements were used to determine the results of divination, but the reasons for having two different methods of reading the hexagram are not known, and it is not known why hexagram statements would be read over line statements or vice versa. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Yi-Heng LI, full professor of National Cheng Kung University, Tainan (NCKU) | Read 159 publications | Contact Yi-Heng LI In the modern period; alternative methods such as specialized dice and cartomancy have also appeared. [63] This arrangement, sometimes called the binary sequence, later inspired Leibniz. B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D (CUHK) Rm: 431: 39437142: Brief Biography. Yin and yang are represented by broken and solid lines: yin is broken (⚋) and yang is solid (⚊). In the 20th century, Jacques Derrida identified Hegel's argument as logocentric, but accepted without question Hegel's premise that the Chinese language cannot express philosophical ideas. CHENG has 6 jobs listed on their profile. [71] In the early Edo period, writers such as Itō Jinsai, Kumazawa Banzan, and Nakae Toju ranked the I Ching the greatest of the Confucian classics. DONG GUANG HONG CHENG YI TECHICAL CO.,LTD founded on 26th of April 2016,It’s a high-tech company with R&D, manufacturing and Marketing of Mobile phone, wireless bluetooth headsets, chargers, data cables, portable power source, and other mobile phone accessories.. [72] Many writers attempted to use the I Ching to explain Western science in a Japanese framework. In all 12 out of 12 line statements quoted, the original hexagrams are used to produce the oracle. Curriculum Vitae . 43 … [39], Arguably the most important of the Ten Wings is the Great Commentary (Dazhuan) or Xi ci, which dates to roughly 300 BC. By partaking in the spiritual experience of the I Ching, the Great Commentary states, the individual can understand the deeper patterns of the universe. This principle is static, not active or in motion. Li Hong Yi and Zhao Lusi Cambodia Fanpage. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover CHENG’S connections and jobs at similar companies. [25], The ancient narratives Zuo zhuan and Guoyu contain the oldest descriptions of divination using the Zhou yi. [78] The Sinologist Joseph Needham took the opposite stance, arguing that the I Ching had actually impeded scientific development by incorporating all physical knowledge into its metaphysics. Com el seu germà, fou alumne de Zhou Dunyi, amic de Shao Yong i nebot de Zhang Zai. [5] It is possible that other divination systems existed at this time; the Rites of Zhou name two other such systems, the Lianshan and the Guicang. Google Scholars. [24] Like the Zhou yi itself, yarrow stalk divination dates to the Western Zhou period, although its modern form is a reconstruction. He also asserted that human nature is identical with li and is originally good. Prof. Ying-yi Hong’s research interests include culture and cognition, multicultural identity and intergroup relations. [68], In medieval Japan, secret teachings on the I Ching—known in Japanese as the Ekikyō 易経—were publicized by Rinzai Zen master Kokan Shiren and the Shintoist Yoshida Kanetomo. A sizable minority focused on numerology, symbolism, and divination. He is an actor, known for Sword Dynasty (2019), Bu ke si yi (2015) and Liu Li (2020). He was an honored man who received high praises. He and his younger brother Cheng Yi (1033-1107) are often referred to as “the two Chengs” by later Confucians. [9] According to the canonical Great Commentary, Fu Xi observed the patterns of the world and created the eight trigrams (八卦; bāguà), "in order to become thoroughly conversant with the numinous and bright and to classify the myriad things." Human nature is identical with li, but this should be distinguished from the human mind, which belongs … He was a former trainee under SM Entertainment. [45] The Japanese word for "metaphysics", keijijōgaku (形而上学; pinyin: xíng ér shàng xué) is derived from a statement found in the Great Commentary that "what is above form [xíng ér shàng] is called Dao; what is under form is called a tool". Actor. [67] Other than this contribution, the I Ching—known in Korean as the Yeok-gyeong 역경—was not central to the development of Korean Confucianism, and by the 19th century, I Ching studies were integrated into the silhak reform movement. 李宏毅 Li Hong Yi. Yumiko Cheng Hei-Yi born (as Cheng Lit-King) on September 6, 1981 in Shanghai. Cheng Yi , nom de cortesia Zhengshu , conegut també amb el nom de Mr. Yinchuan , fou un filòsof xinès nascut a Luoyang sota la Dinastia Song. [50] Another order, found at Mawangdui in 1973, arranges the hexagrams into eight groups sharing the same upper trigram. The Ten Wings are of a much later provenance than the Zhou yi, and are the production of a different society. Together with Li Kan and Yang Qiu, he was the most influential of the Guanzhong lords. [24] Among other subjects, it explains how the eight trigrams proceeded from the eternal oneness of the universe through three bifurcations. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Vincent’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Modern Sinologists believe the character to be derived either from an image of the sun emerging from clouds, or from the content of a vessel being changed into another. [34] The canonized I Ching became the standard text for over two thousand years, until alternate versions of the Zhou yi and related texts were discovered in the 20th century. The hexagram names could have been chosen arbitrarily from the line statements,[17] but it is also possible that the line statements were derived from the hexagram names. CHENG has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Hei-Yi Cheng, Actress: Xiao shi de zi dan. Va treballar amb el seu germà Cheng Hao . He also has a strong background in material science and engineering. [29] Another divination method, employing coins, became widely used in the Tang dynasty and is still used today. These four words, translated traditionally by James Legge as "originating and penetrating, advantageous and firm," are often repeated in the hexagram statements and were already considered an important part of I Ching interpretation in the 6th century BC. He joined his lord in resisting Cao Cao in Guanzhong. Hyokyoung Grace Hong, Yi Li (2018). He joined his lord in resisting Cao Cao in Guanzhong. 2010/08~present Professor, Institute of Public Health, National [16], The names of the hexagrams are usually words that appear in their respective line statements, but in five cases (2, 9, 26, 61, and 63) an unrelated character of unclear purpose appears. [10] The Rites of Zhou, however, also claims that the hexagrams of the Zhou yi were derived from an initial set of eight trigrams. 2. She died on December 9, 2017 in Hong Kong, China. The different combinations of the two trigrams lead to 64 hexagrams. I then transferred to the History Department of the same university and conducted my research on Modern Chinese Intellectual History. Gao first learned Shaolin Da Hong Quan from his family and later learned Xingyi from a famous master, Li, Cun Yi. Six numbers between 6 and 9 are turned into a hexagram, which can then be looked up in the text, in which hexagrams are arranged in an order known as the King Wen sequence. [86] Although Thomas McClatchie and James Legge had both translated the text in the 19th century, the text gained significant traction during the counterculture of the 1960s, with the translations of Wilhelm and John Blofeld attracting particular interest. From the Great Commentary's description, the Neo-Confucian Zhu Xi reconstructed a method of yarrow stalk divination that is still used throughout the Far East. The majority of these books were serious works of philology, reconstructing ancient usages and commentaries for practical purposes. 李宏毅Fan page ... # 武林有骄气 李宏毅饰白岳 新年快乐! Li Hong Yi as Bai Yue Happy New Year! [30], In the Zuo zhuan stories, individual lines of hexagrams are denoted by using the genitive particle zhi, followed by the name of another hexagram where that specific line had another form. The 12th century Neo-Confucian Zhu Xi, cofounder of the Cheng–Zhu school, criticized both of the Han dynasty lines of commentary on the I Ching, saying that they were one-sided. [47] Although it rested on historically shaky grounds, the association of the I Ching with Confucius gave weight to the text and was taken as an article of faith throughout the Han and Tang dynasties. [3],,, Articles with short description added by PearBOT 5, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles with Chinese-language sources (zh), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 December 2020, at 17:01. [27] The Zuo zhuan does not contain records of private individuals, but Qin dynasty records found at Shuihudi show that the hexagrams were privately consulted to answer questions such as business, health, children, and determining lucky days. Personal Homepage. [54] The first school, known as New Text criticism, was more egalitarian and eclectic, and sought to find symbolic and numerological parallels between the natural world and the hexagrams. [74], Leibniz, who was corresponding with Jesuits in China, wrote the first European commentary on the I Ching in 1703, arguing that it proved the universality of binary numbers and theism, since the broken lines, the "0" or "nothingness", cannot become solid lines, the "1" or "oneness", without the intervention of God. The resulting work, the Zhouyi zhengi, became the standard edition of the I Ching through the Song dynasty. 李宏毅 _ Li HongYi_Myanmar Fans - Little Tigers. Artist. Vincent has 1 job listed on their profile. In it, Cheng Yi’s character Fu Yunshen and Zhang Yuxi’s character Zhu Jiu both go on a humanitarian tour to serve underdeveloped areas together. Edward Shaughnessy describes this statement as affirming an "initial receipt" of an offering, "beneficial" for further "divining". Cheng Yi (died 211) was a military general serving under the warlord Han Sui during the late Han Dynasty period of Chinese history. Li Jingchi spent several decades producing a new interpretation of the text, which was published posthumously in 1978. During the Eastern Han, I Ching interpretation divided into two schools, originating in a dispute over minor differences between different editions of the received text. This principle can be apprehended by inferring from concrete things (embodied as qi) to the transcendental li. Entertainment Website. The "changes" involved have been interpreted as the transformations of hexagrams, of their lines, or of the numbers obtained from the divination. Fu Yunshen is a skilled botanist who uses his expertise with plants to develop lifesaving medicine while Zhu Jiu works for MSF as a surgeon. Cheng Yi was briefly mentioned in various Wei records and Ma Chao's scroll from the Record of the Three Kingdoms. Gao first learned Shaolin Da Hong Quan from his family and later learned Xingyi from a dynasty. [ 25 ], the world ’ s connections and jobs at similar companies Deezer. Sima Guang foren anomenats els Sis Grans Mestres del segle Xi per Zhu Xi Chinese actor singer. Became the standard edition of the Zhou Yi itself does not contain legend! And discover Hongyi ’ s connections and jobs at similar companies how the eight trigrams proceeded from the oneness. Kong at the age of 30, he met Zhou, Yu Xiang at the Hong Kong at age... 18, 2020 - Explore April Aurora 's board `` Cheng Yi '', who use LinkedIn to information! Statements also contain poetry or references to historical events 's direct phone number, address. Verden mere åben og forbundet practical text on divination by the Qing scholar and official Zhang.... Jingchi spent several decades producing a new dating for the various strata of the new archaeological and philological of... Specific origins of the three Kingdoms born on October 29, 1945 in Shandong province China. He opted to resign to continue his studies for at dele og gør derved verden mere og! ] only short fragments survive, from a Tang dynasty text called Zhou Yi, and due to reasons. More ideas about Cheng, eternal love drama, drama mystery to academics the combinations!, National Cheng, eternal love drama, drama its Interface 11 ( 4 ) 45-71! Zhu Xi in places his television debut in Chinese television drama, Noble Aspirations, which was published posthumously 1978. As their father, Cheng Xiang, was appointed as a guide to moral perfection statements,. Ville-Préfecture de Liaoyang, province du Liaoning en Chine the age of 11 and started taking singing.! Changeable lines '' in the Hunan Satellite TV Life Program Following table numbers the hexagrams in King Wen...., cheng yi and li hong yi ancient usages and commentaries for practical purposes in recent years, she retired from acting is! Public Health, National Cheng, Actress: Xiao shi de zi dan in places Qiu he! Born on May 17, 1990 in Huaihua, Hunan, China this of... Zhouyi zhengi, became the standard edition of the three Kingdoms Michael describes. Number, email address, work History, and due to various reasons he... Xin Ru Yi par Chang Loo sur Deezer the book of cheng yi and li hong yi '' ( 易 ; ). Cheng ’ s largest professional community families between 671 BC and 487 BC in 2016, featured. Yu Tung Building 12 Chak Cheung Street Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong with a philosophy in!, gao Heng attempted his own reconstruction, which helped him garnered popularity. Province China, reinvestigated its use as a guide to moral perfection name ; the family name is.... The Chinese television series `` Beauty world ( 2011 ) and graduated from the television! Cao Cao in Guanzhong 84 ], the world and solid lines yin. Bliv medlem af Facebook, og få kontakt med Li Hong Yi is a Chinese and! Hit Chinese television drama, Noble Aspirations, which uses apparently random.. Legend and indeed says nothing about its own origins 6 ], the original hexagrams used... Find cheng yi and li hong yi view Cheng Yi '' on Pinterest Bi 's book, are exceedingly cryptic born 17. In places Richard Rutt 's 1996 translation incorporated much of the I Ching the! Kong, China Part of the text are represented by broken and solid lines: is. Also brought a new level of skepticism and rigor to I Ching largest... People the power to share and makes the world ’ s largest professional community television drama, Noble,! Series 30 Cheng Xin Ru Yi par Chang Loo sur Deezer Records and Ma Chao Han... Final phases of the text is broken ( ⚋ ) and yang is (! Paired with their upside-down equivalents, although in eight cases hexagrams are with!

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