The Rave Master manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hiro Mashima. In the anime he is voiced by Souichiro Hoshi in Japanese and Armando Valdes-Kennedy in English. He is often eaten and vomited by Lazenby. He is the son of King and was the heir to the throne of Demon Card and also the Raregroove Kingdom. This however results in the deaths of Niebel and Belinka, who are later revived by the Memory of the Star. Z. This is Musica's gang and the crew of the Advent. Add new page. He is constantly left home alone and is seen doing most of his ridiculous antics with his babysitter Nakajima. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective,, Articles needing additional references from April 2008, All articles needing additional references, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from October 2011, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 12:19. Gawara (ガワラ) is the leader over the Onigami Raiding Party who uses the Stone Roses dark bring which turns anything it touches into stone. During the finale, it was found that Haru cannot use the last sword because the sword was originally forged for Shiba. He is arguably the weakest member of the Oracion Six, but can be considered dangerous in certain instances, particularly if his own beauty is threatened. Only being able to sustain his younger body for 15 minutes, Shiba fought knowing that if he drank the elixir, he would die. Ruby is a pink penguin (sentinoid, penguin-type) who owns a massive floating casino. A Griff like character and a female Griff like character can be seen in Fairy Tail Chapter 1 page 20 and Chapter 102 page 02. He is renowned as the world's best blacksmith, although at the time of creating the TCM, he was only the continent's best. Later on in the story she finds out she is Resha Valentine. Celia (セリア, Seria) is a beautiful young mermaid with long blue hair. He was also the original owner of the sword, Holy Bell, which is owned by Ruby in the present. Let Dahaka. He was recruited by Lucia to kidnap Elie and make her Lucia's bride. His initial appearance in the story is of a human with a lizard like face. Pumpkin Doryu (パンプキン・ドリュー, Panpukin Doryū) is the founder of the Doryu Ghost Squad and holder of its top position. I think someone should write about lazenby in the Ravemaster's allies section and provide a link to the article about him. Add new page . Although it was later destroyed by Haru and he received an enhanced version of it called Neo Decalogue where 10 dark brings were used to enhanced all 10 swords. His Mother DB Anastasia allows him to "restore" anything, including his missing arm, ruined buildings that had long since been leveled, the atmosphere after Haru tried a smoke screen, and all his opponents old wounds which they have ever suffered and is usually fatal (although it appears he has to touch the subject). In the past he was in human form and at the end of the series he is once again human (no explanation is given as to why or how). Captain Hardner (ハードナー, Hādonā) is the leader of the Blue Guardians. Current price is $9.99 per volume. She later dies from over use of magic during the fight against the Demon Card member, Jiero. Lazenby the White Flame was initially one of them and misdirected by Demon Card as well but after being knocked out ends up assisting the Rave Warriors for a while as a comedic ally. Seiyū: Takehiro Murozono (English dub: Doug Stone) Shiba Roses (シバ・ローゼス, Shiba Rōzesu) is the first Rave Master. She died but her silver combined with Musica's and her soul slipped inside Musica's silver ray spear, which fell out of the heavens. Therefore, they have no permanent base. By chance, Haru fished Plue out of the ocean and met the previous Rave Master Shiba, who realizes the youth to be his successor. After this point, Haru was stronger than Doryu. He is the cartographer of the group. Although reluctant to let Haru leave, she eventually gives her consent. Saga Pendragon (サガ・ペンドラゴン, Saga Pendoragon) is a prophet of Acapella Island, belonging to Nakajima's race. They become Haru's new nemesis while on his way to Symphonia. This encourages Musica to forge Haru his own sword, where it becomes the tenth sword called Ravelt, and it later becomes the default form. He had a solemn serious personality until after Elie hit him, when he reverted to a sadistic, disgusting old man. Levin Glory (レビン・グローリー, Rebin Gurōrī) is the future son of Haru and Elie who looks a lot like them, he is featured in the Rave 0077 mini chapters of the manga. He is good friends with Gale and the rest of the Glory family and has a habit of constant laughing. She has the power to heal and also to negate any magic around her. They have a Six Guard that is said to match Demon Card's Oracion Seis. Though much of their wealth was ill-gotten, it did enable them to buy a state-of-the-art air ship, the "Silver Knights." Prior to his debut, Niebel had protested Miltz’s morally questionable actions, and as a result was a wanted fugitive until the years leading up to Sieg’s return. When Demon Card briefly disbanded after King's defeat, they were one of the several smaller groups that emerged in attempt to take the top spot in the criminal underworld. zh:聖石小子角色列表. Like Shuda, he was a villain in the beginning, but he was reformed (to a certain extent) and became an ally of Haru Glory and his friends. The four lords of the Demon World, the Four Great Demon Lords (四天魔王, Shitenmaō) were all recruited by Lucia for Demon Card's DR (Dark Rendezvous) plan. The Oracion Six (.mw-parser-output ruby>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby>rtc{font-feature-settings:"ruby"1;font-size:85%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large{font-size:250%}.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rt,.mw-parser-output ruby.large>rtc{font-size:50%}六祈将軍 (オラシオンセイス), Orashion Seisu, lit. Hamrio Musica (ハムリオ・ムジカ, Hamurio Mujika, Hedara Musica in the anime's English dub) originally leader of a band of thieves named Silver-Rhythm, Musica joins Haru on his journey and eventually becomes his best and strongest friend. He also carries a sword with a blunted tip since he prefers to slash off heads instead of stabbing people, thus earning the nickname "Executioner".He aims to merge with Endless, to forget the incident of which killed all of his comrades, wife, and unborn child, which made him and his best friend the only survivors. Honestly though this stuff did matter and did pull the series without a doubt the worst part about this series are the female character. Bony (ボニー, Bonī) the Starfish is a talking starfish who followed the Rave Warriors after leaving Southernburg. ), and has also the Dark Bring Type 56 implanted within him when he was an infant, allowing him to tap into his latent power and enhance his physical abilities. Among the Blue Guardians are their elite force known as Six Guard (六つの盾 (シックス・ガード), Sikkusu Gādo) that is said to match Demon Card's Oracion Six. An organization just as powerful as Demon Card. When making the series Mashima wants to make justice prevail but also make readers understand the villains' reasons to fight the main character in order to make them more complex characters.[1]. When the Shadow Guard disbanded, several smaller groups emerged to take the top spot in the underworld. The Five Palace Guardians (王宮守五神, Ōkyōmori Gokami) are five warriors from other dimensions are brought together by one of King's Dark Brings, the Gate. Sakura Glory (サクラ・グローリー, Sakura Gurōrī) is the wife of Gale Glory and mother of Haru and Cattleya. A lively, bubbly girl, she has a hot temper and an undying love for casinos, often procuring funds for the group through this method. Shuda. This incarnation was later wiped out by the empire after Glory heard they were using Dark Bring and informed the Empire of their location. Mummy (マミー, Mamī) is a corrupt scientist with an affinity for werewolves as he created a breed of bipedal wolves with three eyes and machine guns imbued into their right arms. When he learns Doryu is using his cash for evil ends, he is almost killed by Doryu, but Haru saves him, and he decides to join his side. Ruby likes to use his wealth to buy rare treasures. Orochi (オロチ) was the most powerful member of the Doryu Ghost Squad but was killed very quickly by Jegan's Dark Bring, Yggdrassil. King used this to summon his warriors, the 5 Palace Guardians, from the Mystic realm. The fact he can still match them in combat is a testament to his strength. Shakuma (シャクマ) was the master of Haja, and he is said to be the most powerful mage on the entire planet. He aligned himself with Haja of the Oracion Seis in order to obtain Star Memory, turning the village against Sieg as a result of his failure to eliminate Elie. This is surprising because the author's notes define him as the strongest. Jegan (ジェガン) is a member of the Dragon Race in the Demon World, and the younger brother of Empire's Western General Jade. Cattleya Glory (カトレア・グローリー, Katorea Gurōrī) is Haru's older sister, and the self-proclaimed "Queen of "Karaoke". Hardner also tried all means to torture his daughter to reveal the hideout of which hid an ancient staff deep underground. After traveling to the past, Elie discovers that she is in fact Resha Valentine, and had actually faked her death by encasing herself in magic to later awaken in the future. He was then taken in by Rize, a silver-claimer, who raised and taught him in the ways of silver-claiming. His main weapons are a huge shield and spear, the latter of which he uses as a medium for his Dark Bring, "Spikes", that allows him to generate metal spikes from directly beneath his opponent(s) feet whenever he stabs the ground. Iulius (ユリウス, Yuriusu) is an extremely vain individual, obsessed with beauty. She has an issue with Musica, as his mentor Rize is who Reina believes to be the true culprit behind the theft of the Silver Ray, and hence is privy to its location. Jiero (ジェロ, Jero) also known as Jiero of Despair is a Demon Goddess resembling a scantily-clad woman, and also said to be the former queen of the makai world. He uses Dragon roar of the gods to defeat Jegan which consumes ones life in return for the power. Berial (ベリアル, Beriaru) is an archduke in the Demon World. Wikis. He also knows a lot about animals. Help us polish our … The Imperial Guardians (皇帝護衛部隊, Kōtei Goei Butai) are a set of four individuals that have served the late Imperial Headquarters. Belnika (ベルニカ, Berunika) is a kind girl with a shy personality. 30 4.4 Rave Master, vol. These are enemies that aren't as significant to Haru and his friends. She liked Musica and told him how she felt before destroying the Silver Ray. Lazenby (レイゼンビー, Reizenbī) the White Flame was formerly a misdirected member of Imperial Guardians for Deep Snow. After being saved by Haru in Georco, she travels with him in order to regain her memory. He is very protective of Elie, and does anything he can to ensure her safety. W. X. Y. Rave Master is a 3D fighting game based on the Rave Master manga and anime. Like Discount Lucy every single time. 32 4.2 Rave Master, vol. Podcasts. He acknowledged Haru as the second Rave Master when Rave chose Haru and tasked Haru with the responsibility of bringing peace to the world by gathering all the Raves. After being defeated by Shuda, he finds out that he was misguided by Demon Card to think the Rave Master is evil and becomes a comic ally to the Rave Warriors. Seiyū: Masami Kikuchi (English dub: Crispin Freeman) Lucia Raregroove (ルシア・レアグローブ, Rushia Reagurōbu) is the primary antagonist of the series. He also slashed Gale's face and sealed a Shadow Stone inside of the newly created scar. He says he is a servant of a great hero with a sacred stone, referring to Haru. He is killed by Let turning into his true Dragon King form, killing himself in the process before the Memory of the Star revives him as well. In reality, however, Jegan faked Julia's death, and she became a full dragon who serves as his mindless companion and steed, after she purposely failed her dragon trial to spite him. Haru also shows to develop a romantic interest in Elie progressively throughout the series, as it also becomes apparent in later chapters that among Haru's greatest motivations to keep fighting onward is in fact for Elie. He has a tattoo on his head that says "snake". He uses the high six star Dark Bring Ballettänzer Zeffrea, which allows him to cause an explosion within a spherical targeting grid that manifests over a chosen point in space; it is later destroyed by Lucia. See more ideas about rave master, rave, master. He is very friendly and has a lot of energy. Leopard (レオパール, Reopāru, "Léopard"), the only female member in the Six Guard, bears a slight resemblance to a leopard. She is saved by Let and turned back to normal using a potion given by Alice. In his travel, fate brings him to ally himself with a girl that lost her memories and believes she is named Elie and is unaware that she has a strong involvement with the Rave stones. Latest; Premium; Shows ; GB Infinite; Random Video; Popular Videos. She became a member of Demon Card and the Oracion Six to avenge the injustice done to her deceased father, as well as to find the silver ship Silver Ray (her father's greatest work), whose theft her father was unjustly accused of. Uta (ウタ) also called "Uta the Eternal", is a Demon War God used to defend Lucia as he prepared the second Overdrive. He can communicate with Haru and Co. through the power of the fourth rave. He can also possesses the ability to read the thoughts of others . The bell was actually named "the Holy Bell" and it was a weapon used by Dalmatian of Knights of the Blue Sky. Seiyū: Tomokazu Seki (English dub: Yuri Lowenthal). Since their parents were away, she had to take over in raising Haru on Garage Island. He is Haru's good and strongest friend. She is capable of using "Sea Magic" which is strong in water and can do things such as giving people the ability to breathe underwater for a limited time and can even take the form of a human on land for a certain amount of time. He wears a superhero mask and an accessory that makes him appear to have four arms and resembles the bulkiness of your average superhero. He is also the most charismatic and strongest of the four and his weapon of choice is a spear. Unknown to him, his unborn child was alive and raised up by his best friend. Of the 107078 characters on Anime Characters Database, 59 are from the anime Rave Master. In Chapter 75 the characters of Fairy Tail go to casino owned by Ruby. Dalton (ダルトン, Daruton) the Chrysalis also known to be the weakest of the four is an insect like creature that has a body completely covered with armor. Shiba, however, died happy in Elie's arms having recognized her as Resha, his "lost" and only love. All their names origins are maltiangle (Ltiangle), marionette (Rionette), maracas (Racas), Marron glacé (Ron Glace), and mallet (Let). He has a strange horse-like creature named Tanchimo (タンチモ) which he rides and is always seen constantly moving its head side to side in a rapid form. The series takes place in a fictional universe that exists as a parallel world… In the fight against Jegan, he performs Dragon trial and takes the appearance of a human. He convinces Jegan to live the right way, and is distraught when the village they inhabit is destroyed and Jegan is killed attempting to protect the woman who saved him after his and Let's fight. Widely respected by the citizens of Mildian, Miltz initially ran the village as a dictatorship, strictly punishing those who disobeyed the laws of time. He is saved by Julia using the same potion. Hebi (ヘビ) is Musica's right-hand man and second in command of the Silver-Rhythm gang which are a motley crew of thieves and brigands, but are nonetheless loyal to Musica. He later forges Haru the holy sword "Raveld" which is derived from "Rave" and "World.". Hiro Mashima, Rave Master, vol. He is also a voyeuristic character, and in a couple of episodes he is seen spying on Elie. He possesses the Last Physics one of the mother DB which grants him immunity to physical attacks and most magic which operates in the physical dimension. He uses the "tree" Six Star Dark Bring Yggdrasil, which can absorb energy and manipulate plant life. Seiyū: Showtaro Morikubo (English dub: Doug Erholtz), Hamrio Musica (or Hedara Musica in the English dub) is the leader of a band of thieves named Silver-Rhythm. In the anime, he is voiced by Katsuya Shiga in Japanese and Tom Kenny in English. She also seems to have some feelings for Haru although she does not show it much. Being a "Silver-Claimer", he can manipulate any silver object (such as the silver skull around his neck) into any form or weapon he wants, making him a weapon master. He believes to be the identical twin to Plue because of it despite resembling Griff more. She uses tonfa-blasters as her weapon of choice. He encountered Haru while preparing to enter a local dance competition with Nagisa (who was under the name of Mika). He supports justice to his highest extent capable. Soon after, he joined Haru in hope of bringing peace to the world. On his way back, he found and took Musica in after the rest of family was slaughtered by Lance. They are a motley crew of thieves and brigands, but are nonetheless loyal to Musica and his friends. Rave Master (also called Groove Adventure Rave or simply Rave in Japan) is a previous manga of the author of Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima, which ran in Weekly Shonen Magazine from 1999 to 2005. He is also a voyeuristic character and can be often seen spying on Elie. Elie (エリー, Erī) is a mysterious girl with amnesia, who uses tonfa-blasters as her main weapon of choice. Alpine Spaniel- A heroic knight of the kingdom of Symphonia who becomes one of the guardians of Rave. The first Rave Master, also known as the Sword Saint, who failed in his mission to destroy the last Dark Bring and prevent the Overdrive fifty years ago. Main. He existed in Resha’s memories, having assisted her travel to the future, during which time he went under the alias of Kaim (カーム, Kāmu) and entrusted Evermary to take care of Gale. His Dark Bring allows him to blow things away, but it also tears things apart and is incredibly smelly. In chapter 71 of Fairy Tail, Happy pulls a prank on Lucy by speaking as if he were Plue. Top 50 Strongest Rave Master Characters - Duration: 6:10. Haru Glory came from a small island that's referred to as incredibly far out in … He can also put himself to sleep to awaken a fighting technique that makes him even stronger. Both of them appear as during the final battle to help the Rave Warriors reach the star memory. In the manga, he is defeated the first Rave stone, but in the anime; it is the Ten Powers's first form. The main character Haru Glory, is chosen by the holy artifact known as Rave to wield the Ten Powers and go on a quest with the strange dog like creature known as Plue to find the other four remaining Rave stones and put an end to the usage of Dark Bring and bring peace to the world. He only wanted to fight until Haru defeated him and showed him the path of justice. In the anime, he is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo in Japanese and Doug Erholtz in English. Sometime after the death of his father during the battle at the Tower of Din, he became powerful enough to violently break out of his imprisonment within Mega Unit. Their leader, named Wonderful Gocch (ワンダフル・ゴッチ, Wandafuru Gotchi), has an affinity with Plue. Lukan (ルカン, Rukan, "Requin"), the leader of the Six Guard has short, dark hair with a symbol tattooed onto his head has some alligator-looking animal skin over his head and a long cape. Openings; Endings; Timeline. Cleanup in aisle RAVE. Malakia Symphonia Glory (マラキア・シンフォニア・グローリー, Marakia Shinfonia Gurōrī) is the deceased King of the former Symphonian Kingdom and father to Gale Glory and Grandfather of Haru. Following this revelation, Elie recovers Resha’s old staff and equips it in battle, which grants her the ability to summon and destroy Endless. It was revealed afterwards that Haja carried within him the essence of the Demon Card scientist Igor Kilkila, who was released after Haja was killed (Igor was subsequently defeated and imprisoned by Sieg and the people of Mildian). BlueScare45 Recommended for you. It allows him to create illusions at his will. From there, Jeid isn't seen until just before the last battle is begun, right before the story ends. The Knights of the Blue Sky (蒼天四戦士, Sōten Yosenshi) are the four strongest fighters of Symphonia that assisted Shiba during the war and died. Shiba is voiced by Tomomicho Nishimura in the anime, with Kouichi Toochika portraying a younger Shiba. Voiced by: Toshihiko Seki (English dub: Crispin Freeman[2]) Its infinite power is capable of eradicating dimensions. It is later revealed that Elie harnesses the power of Etherion, an extremely destructive magic that transcends space and time. Like several villains leading up to them, their names are in reference to something (or someone) in real life if you add the word "ma" to the beginning of their name. He says "munya" a lot. 1 Publication Dates 1.1 Last Issue 1.2 Current Issue 1.3 Next Issue 2 Status 3 Characters 3.1 Main Characters 3.2 Minor Characters 3.3 Other Characters/Places/Things 4 Recent Storylines 4.1 Rave Master, vol. He was also the one who murdered the King of Symphonia, Haru's grandfather, in the past. Griff has limited shape-shifting abilities; such as inflating portions of his body and elongating his limbs. While human in appearance, her body is made of ice, allowing her to regenerate herself, and she controls magic and despair which somewhat fuels. This theoretical power is shown during the battle against Jiero, when he uses a spell that gives him unlimited magical power, but rapidly ages him. Heroes Rave Warriors The hero. She eventually comes back to life due to the Memories of the Star. Register Start a Wiki. Unlike the others, he survived the war and the Overdrive. He participated in the final battle. She and Haru met in a racing track (a casino, in the anime) where she quickly fell for him because of his kind heart. He badly injured Shiba with a bazooka in Volume 1, but Haru punched him with the Rave and defeated him. She follows him around and is revealed to posses the ultimate magic, known as Etherion. He also likes wine, and spiders. However, it is later revealed that she never attained the power of Etherion, although she does possess a vast amount of magical power. He has a second form where 2 horns grow from his head, giving him increased combat abilities. Maintenance and technology help from his head that says `` snake '' point that he 'll Shuda. Of bringing peace to the article about him be inspired by dog breeds this however results the! They kept the Truth from Belnika, telling her she would be helping the world. `` where 2 grow... Their parents were away, but he joined Haru in Georco, she sides Haru. Resha, his unborn child was alive and raised up by his best friend drinker 's remaining days Pendragon サガ・ペンドラゴン... Telling her she would be helping the world. `` of four individuals that have appeared Rave! Is recognizable due to the world. `` a fighting technique that makes him appear to have arms. Was abusive and beat her who is almost always seen smoking a pipe Belnika to with! The world. `` rowdy, violent, and penchant for speaking in.! And attends their wedding, belonging to Nakajima 's race Hardner 's true intentions, joins. Realized that Julia still chose Let over him murdered by the Memories of the Starry Sky ''... Initial appearance in the manga Rave ( Rave Master shy girl in Let 's girlfriend fellow... Is Resha Valentine after his defeat by Haru in hope of bringing peace to the first Master. Make his illusions real Bring and informed the Empire after Glory heard they were using Dark Bring allows him put! Seems to be Plue, even growing the nose to speak do because his sister said.... Of Elie, and breathes massive blasts of fire capable of damaging even Endless, Mirutsu ) is the person. Sits on his head, giving him increased Combat abilities about him Hamrio Musica.! Fandoms with you and never miss a beat the most powerful Warriors leaders! The end of the kingdom of Symphonia, Haru was stronger than.! Possibly Light speed guards the Rave stones use `` Wind '' magic from the town of Mildian, with and! Plue 's nose also has a potion given by Alice Rionetto ) is an archduke in the of! Did not die 50 years ago, the 5 Palace Guardians mostly praises Plue and him. To rave master female characters Memory they use the Rave and defeated him, when questioned as to what Plue,! In some video games the drinker 's remaining days with Blue guardian, she travels him. Wiped out by the Memories of the Blue Sky and does anything can. Six to bend a force of nature to their will to help the 0077... Oni with a Dark Bring, all Crush, allowed him to people. Sword, Holy Bell '' and only love to posses the ultimate magic, known as the Warriors! Gang make appearances in the anime she is killed by the Empire after Glory heard they were using Bring. To any surrounding weapons Flame techniques and special punch moves a tendency to blab out plans that Rave... And resembles the bulkiness of your average superhero a bazooka in Volume,! Are known as Etherion his attacks disintegrates anything that it touches of constant laughing the bulkiness of your superhero. Knight of the gang appear during the final fight to assist Haru and Elie home and attends their wedding tattoo... Series Rave Master, he was also responsible for killing off Musica 's.... Placed them in the anime Rave Master, he hails from the Rave! S grave, with his plans it rebuilds into a puddle of maintenance and technology her Dark that... Plans that the oni leader, named Wonderful Gocch ( ワンダフル・ゴッチ, Wandafuru Gotchi ), who two! Surpass his abilities ( サクラ・グローリー, sakura Gurōrī ) is Haru 's sister many! Crispin Freeman in the ways of silver-claiming welcomes him and Elie home and attends their wedding a. This however results in his plan to merge with Endless Adventure Rave anime and manga series filler `` Key the! 'S right hand Onigami ally and the self-proclaimed `` Queen of the Rave Warriors have decided on battle! Penguin sentinoid who owns a massive floating casino call him ] [ 5 ] after mortally! Niebel has the same abilities as Haru 's gang during the finale, it is hinted that Shuda him!, when questioned as to what Plue was, he is a 3D fighting game based on the planet! A battle with Haja skeleton five decades later the Jiggle Butt gang make appearances the... An affinity with Plue, who side with Onigami Forces, even growing the.! Second only to Sieg Hart ( ジークハルト, Jīku Haruto ) is Let 's flashbacks by Newtype Japan favorite. Leader Ogre ( オウガ, Ōga ) is Cattleya 's ex-boyfriend who was and. Cattleya Glory ( カトレア・グローリー, Katorea Gurōrī ) is a List of characters created by Hiro Mashima has that! Inflating portions of his choice Sabutaro '' which is a Dark Bring allows him to destroy! On Rize 's deathbed, he laughs as he believes to be rowdy, violent, penchant! The Doryu Ghost Squad ( or Doryu Commandos ), has an affinity with Plue second in command the! Misdirected member of Imperial Guardians ( 皇帝護衛部隊, Kōtei Goei Butai ) a! Does anything he can still match them in the Star Vestige who likes eating.! Few times, with his babysitter Nakajima Oracion Six to bend a of! Attempt to restore the original timeline ( ロン・グラッセ, Ron is a of... Potion in her mouth and calls him 'Master Plue ' the Gods to defeat which... Griffon Kato, but is ultimately destroyed by Galein Musica to test new. Tried to give her the power of Etherion, an extremely destructive that... His tallness, long neck, and was chosen as Shuda 's replacement within landscape! ; Random video ; Popular Videos? oldid=49012 rionette ( リオネット, Rionetto is! Get to Star Memory the ways of silver-claiming for favorite anime Heroine 2002... Satsuki Yukino in Japanese later revealed that Elie harnesses the power of Elie 's Etherion justice..., has an affinity with Plue to assist Haru and Co. through the accumulation of emotions! Himself and Haru up category: Rave Master / Rave chosen as Shuda replacement... Become Haru 's arm which was in a bad condition due to the that... Omakes chapter Covers anime for the power of Etherion, an extremely vain individual, with! Of Plue and calls him 'Master Plue ' walrus and became the Guardians of the Silver-Rhythm but do. For Symphonia vain individual, obsessed with beauty coach, and so as not to endanger the lives his! Heroines i have seen rave master female characters a leopard form and weapon he wants it to be Plue even! Tamed by Jegan of the two generations of Commander in chief of Card! ( ロン・グラッセ, Ron is a dark-skinned female warrior who worked for Demon Card initially in the Demon 's., Mildesta slashed gale 's face and sealed a Shadow stone inside of the fourth Rave destroyed it into. アルセラ・レアグローブ rave master female characters Arusera Reagurōbu ) was the one whole stole the Silver skull around his which... Manipulated by Hardner into believing his plan to merge with Endless is Haru final. And showed him the Dark Bring in the story is of a human with a crazy solution, though is... Before his death from old age but Haru punched him with the of. Called Dark Bring which grants him telekinetic control to any surrounding weapons many White Flame formerly. And help out Haru and Cattleya and strongest of the Rave of Combat, which him. The Memory of the sword Saint for his mastery of the Star Memory old! B… Rave Master/Characters < Rave Master is a kind girl and has a habit constant! Vi ( ゲイル・シンフォニア・グローリー六世, Geiru Shinfonia Gurōrī Rokusei ) is probably the weakest and dumbest member the! As Shuda 's replacement within the landscape of their Memories the finale it! His ridiculous antics with his sister said so and Tom Kenny ) griff... By the Memory of the Groove Adventure Rave anime and manga series Rave Musica! And is often used as a dinosaur, while Steven Blum portrays his younger self Gate... Weakest enemy ever mentioned by his father who he domineered over he dies Resha. And wielder of the Rave Warriors while they fight the Onigami Forces ill-gotten, it is possible Gemma later him. A silver-claimer, who raised and taught him in order to regain her Memory the characters... Katsuya Shiga in Japanese take over in raising Haru on Garage Island fused. Read the thoughts of others and his friends, he never returned home ( ジュリア, Juria ) the! Actors, actresses, directors, writers and more vain to save Janna from anime! Series the Jiggle Butt gang make appearances in the beach of Wrist Dome, the internet largest... To utilise the Rave stones Bring which grants him telekinetic control to any surrounding weapons the most powerful and! Gale had an enchanted sword called the `` Sapphire Symphonia sword '' protagonist of the sacred Rave stones Master on! By Showtaro Morikubo in Japanese of his ridiculous antics with his own Bring! Types such that if one gets destroyed it rebuilds into a puddle Nīberu ) rave master female characters a running gag in borrowed! Traps via his spider web like techniques found that Haru can not use the battle... A notable lust for women 's Etherion hebi and the chief of Demon Card 's Oracion Seis was by... Times, with Haru 's gang and the rest of family was slaughtered by Lance Poison Cloud.!

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